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Dog (and Cat) Days of Summer

2014-08-02 14.30.46Keep your pets feeding area clean and tidy with these Vinyl and Cotton Placemats. (Thank you Vega for allowing me to photograph your water dish.)2014-08-06 19.51.29Vinyl and Cotton Placemats in assorted Colors with assorted designs. Shown above: Talk to the Paw on Vinyl in Khaki, Brown, and Deep Red. $9.00 each.2014-08-06 19.52.46Cotton Placemats shown above in Khaki, Deep Red and Brown, with You had me at Woof design. $9.00 each. 2014-08-06 19.53.16We didn’t forget about the cats…..Meow shown on Cotton Placemats. Assorted colors available. $9.00 each.

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