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Stepping stones!

What is more fun than a bag of cement? Cement and a group of elementary students.

2014-03-19 17.10.05You start with plastic plant trays. Spray them with a thin coat of cooking oil. Add some quickcrete,

2014-03-19 17.10.192014-03-19 17.10.24Wearing plastic gloves, press the qickcrete into the plastic trays, trying to make as compact as possible. 2014-03-21 14.07.41Add glass marbles, stones, sea shells, and anything else you can think of…..2014-03-19 17.54.402014-03-21 14.07.502014-03-21 14.21.132014-03-21 14.21.262014-03-21 14.07.50Let dry for a few days, and pop put of the plastic tray, and your stepping stones are ready for the garden!2014-03-21 13.31.00Thank you to Mrs. Johnson for allowing me to “play” in cement!


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