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Bandana and Fabric Wreaths

After seeing a “pin” on Pinterest of a Red, White and Blue Bandana Wreath, I thought it might be fun to make one! Then to take it a step further, I thought, why not use pieces of fabric to do wreath instead of the bandanas. Here are the results:

Bandana Wreath on door

Using 7 Red, 7 White and 7 Blue bandanas. Each bandana was cut in half, so the 21 bandanas actually make 2 wreaths.

20160516_160711_resizedUsing 11 Fat quarters that I purchased and cut each in half, I was able to get the same effect with this dog paw wreath.

Bandana Wreath 1

Here are the supplies. 21 Bandanas, and a wire wreath. Bandana Wreath 2

The bandanas were cut in half and attached to the wire wreath with a half lark knot. Bandana Wreath 3

THe 7 Blue Bandanas were tied together, then alternating red and white, using the remaining 7 red and 7 white pieces. Glitter stars were glued in place to complete the flag look. Bandana Wreath and Vega 2

Vega really wanted to wear a bandana too and pose for a photo!20160516_141215_resized

Using fat quarters – 4 of the dark and 7 of the white. Each piece was cut in half with the salvage on the ends. 20160516_151327_resizedThey were then tied to the wire wreath with the half lark knot as well. alternating w=two white and one black print.


Then a bow was added made of dog print ribbon.



10 thoughts on “Bandana and Fabric Wreaths

  1. What do u put on the fabric to make it stand up ? My went fabric went limp

    1. The bandana’s I used were already stiff, but you could spray them with spray starch and iron them to keep them standing.

    2. Mod lodge or water and glue mixture.

  2. What size wire wreath did you use for the bandana wreath?

    1. I used a 12″ wire wreath form. Enjoy!

  3. How did you tie the bandanas on – over all three sections of the wreath? Did you measure out and then pull through?

    1. Yes, I tied them with a half lark knot, over all three rings (sections) of the wreath. I did not measure them out. After all the bandanas were on the wreath, then I spaced them out evenly.

  4. Where can I purchase the bandannas?

    1. We found them at our local Wal-Mart. They are also available online from Amazon and many other places.

  5. Dollar tree often has bandanas also !!

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