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T-shirts, once again.

Taking special t-shirts or other pieces of clothing and incorporating them into something new can be fun, and rewarding.

These wall hangings and pillows were made out of t-shirts that I had, and will be donated to the upcoming GFWC (General Federation of Woman’s Clubs – ) International Convention in Memphis, June 2015. (Please note these were new shirts used for these projects, but you can use a favorite shirt when making your own creation).

DSC00174I was able to use the logos from the front and back of the shirt with a very simple quilt square pattern.

DSC00172The wall hangings can be used to display pins on, or as a lap throw. They were machine quilted, which made them very quick to sew up.

DSC00177The t-shirt pillows were made with the extra fabric to form the flowers and described in an earlier post. Quick fun, and bring back many great memories!



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