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Tomato Cage Christmas Trees!

Perfect for outside.


These were so easy to put together, and “if” you have any tomato cages, and extra clay pots hanging around, they were pretty inexpensive to make.

20141205_185937_resizedBegin by placing a tomato cage upside down in your clay pot. (You may want to secure it with duct tape or by actually putting soil or rocks in the pot).

20141205_191935_resizedAdd greenery. I used about 12 feet of wired greenery that was on sale!!

20141205_193034_resizedAdd a string of lights….20141205_195923_resizedAnd decorate! This was a quick and easy project. It took less than an hour (not including vacuuming up all the glitter!!)

7 thoughts on “Tomato Cage Christmas Trees!

  1. How gorgeous! I’ve seen a lot of decorated cage trees on line, none hold a candle to yours! Gorgeous! (I’m gonna try to make this this year)

  2. You did a great job I love this idea I’m going to try to make it now

  3. These trees are beautiful!

    1. Thank you! They were really fun to make and have held up very well from year to year.

  4. Beautiful! Looks real! What size Terra Cotta pot did you use?

    1. I used 12″ tall pots, but they could be even larger so the tomato cage fits down into them securely.

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