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For the Dogs (again)

As many of you know, we also have a business making dog treats, Megan’s Mutt Munchies ( As the holiday’s near, we are always looking for some new ideas and products that enhance both, our love of creating, and healthy wholesome dog treats!

This week, we recycled some candle jars and mason jars into treat jars!

Treat jar - Ruff

All of the jar bands are available in many colors and attach with velcro at the back.┬áSeen here – Ruff Day….Jar, band and treats retail – $12.00

Treat Jar - Paws

Paws Off shown in khaki with black stitching. Jar, band and treats retail – $12.00

Treat jar - Good Dog

Good Dog – Jar, band and treats retail – $12.00

Treat JarsEnjoy – oh and share with your favorite four legged friends!



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