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Because, every picture tells a story

Every year these ornaments are hung on our family Christmas Tree, and every year decorating and un-decorating, takes me down memory lane.

The ornaments began with the birth of our first child, and a way to showcase a new  Counted Cross Stitch product that we were selling in our retail store in the early 1980’s. It was a Lucite Ornament, that you could add cross titch to one side and a photograph to the other.

The photo of “Baby Melanie” with her father, and a piece of Counted Cross Stitch with “Thank Heaven for Little Girls 1980” on the back (pictured) started a tradition that I am so thankful for.

Each year adds special memories for each of our daughters and milestones for our family, including sweet 16 birthdays, graduating from High School and College, family vacations, candid shots and even the family pets.  Each ornament including cross stitch or embroidery with the year and important events on the other side. After 40 years of marriage, this year our tree was almost all pictures, and a few prized store bought ornaments. As the years have passed, sometimes finding the ball ornaments that started it all, or the Lucite disks, has been harder than others. With the added embroidery machines, we now have an assortment of ornaments, which are always made in triplicate, to share with our daughters. 

and friends….

Because after all, a photograph is just a pause button on life.

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