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Learning Opportunities are the Best!

This is what can happen when you are always distracted by something shiny and sparkly, and have trouble focusing at times. It’s also when happens when “someone” tries to organize your craft supplies and puts the wrong cap on the cans of spray paint (because you are still using the spray paint, and leaving the cap off saves time, right that’s it), its about saving time.

20170318_140413_1489872875222_resizedI have been collecting and painting pine-cones for several weeks, and this was the day to finally put them together in a wreath.

20170318_140423_1489872873329_resizedI covered a wire wreath form with burlap ribbon, so the pine-cones could be glued on, knowing the wire form would give the wreath the stability needed. After all of the pine-cones were hot glued in place. I took the wreath outside to give it a coat of clear spray paint to add a shine and help preserve the project. I also had a burlap bow ready to place in the center. And that’s when it happened…..20170318_173329_1489872869366_resized

The “CLEAR” spray paint can with a CLEAR lid, was actually BLACK paint. Luckily I started on on side, so only a few pine-cones got a spurt of black. Yes I know I could pull the miss-pained cones off and replace them, or repaint them, but decided it was okay in the end, and it does make me laugh when I see it hanging on the door.

20170318_173322_1489872871558_resizedThis is not a mistake, it’s a learning opportunity! I will ALWAYS check paint before spraying a project in the future.


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