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Summer Guests (the 4 legged kind)

What do you do when you have Summer Guest? Usually you take them sightseeing, or if they are children, maybe you make some summer crafts with them (at least that’s what I do). But what if they are four legged guests (with tons of energy), and nothing seems to work?
Welcome to my week with Vega!
Vega is a very sweet but high energy pup that belongs to one of my daughters. He has destroyed every toy that was left here with him (and has lost the others somewhere in my house). So after searching the internet (like a good host) and the local toy stores, I decided to make a craft with Vega!
Using polar fleece and those old Girl Scout skills from years past, we (Okay, “I” ) made a fleece lanyard toy. Fingers crossed that it lasts through the day.

The store bought toy, which did last two days.
2013-07-14 15.10.09
2013-07-16 15.51.20

Polar Fleece Strips, cut 2″ wide in two colors

2013-07-17 11.26.53

Let the weaving begin
2013-07-17 11.36.01

I stopped at 10″ and tied a knot
2013-07-17 11.44.21

Happy Vega with his new toy (Yes I am making one for Jackson too!)
2013-07-17 11.46.36

6 thoughts on “Summer Guests (the 4 legged kind)

  1. You’re the BEST!

    1. 😀 Thank you!

  2. Great Job! I know how tough those high strung ones can be ;-). I will share this on my FB page too…

    1. Thank you! So far they have lasted through quite a bit of play time.

  3. Jackson says Thanks Gigi! I really think Jackson wants to come for a visit with his favorite dog cousin, but something tells me that he needs to stay home where he rules the place.

    1. Probably a good idea. I know Rose and Daisy are almost ready for some quiet time.

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