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Weddings and Wedding Flowers!

It is so exciting when a couple gets married, but even more exciting when you can do all of the decorations, including the flowers! 20161211_073804-1_resized The brides bouquet was simple yet full of memories since it contained the words from her friends and family. 20161123_230319_1481631688652_resizedOur Bride did not want cut flowers, so we searched the internet and found some flowers made out of old books. Knowing how much she loves books, we wouldn’t dream of cutting up any, so we did the next best thing. The wedding attendants, bride and groom all sent in “words” which were complied in a document, then printed on pale blue and grey paper. 20161123_230328_1481631685234_resizedThe words were cut into petals , shaped a curled. 20161123_230505_1481631682474_resized Then slowly shaped into flowers for the wedding party. 20161130_210321_resized This was one of the bridesmaids bouquets.


And the brides bouquet!

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Keep on Creating!

During this time of the year, I find it hard to keep a balance between filling orders, and staying creative. While the ordered are what allows me to have the resources to obtain supplies and projects, it is a fine line.

I has honored to spend time in China recently on an educational trip, and learned from the students and people of the areas that we visited, that being creative feeds your soul.

Students in China spend time every day not only learning Chinese arts and crafts, but also learning to cook, sew, dance, and play music. This along with their daily studies of math, science, learning to speak English and study Chinese history keeps their educational system strong.

The children of China were just like the children if the United States, joyful, happy, inquisitive and eager to learn.  We have more in common than we are different. Students working together to create art

Collaberation is just as important for Chinese students as it is for American students. These students mixed a water based liquid, then dropped paint in it. The paint floated as they swirled and moved it around the pan.

Painting together

They then placed paper on top of the paint, and this was the result of theit work. (I was invited to help too!)

Plate designs

This picture was made by scoring china plates with an engraving tool. It is made up of thousands of dots.

Clay art

The students are allowed to choose which “Clubs” they would like to participate in. This girl showed me how to make a clay cat (which was not near as good as the Panda she gave me).

Primary Cooking Club

These primary school students made yummy chocolate chip cookies in their cooking club.

High School Cooking Club

While these High School students made Cream Puffs in their cooking club.


And yes, they taught me how to use a sewing machine! I did not let on that I have been sewing since I was their age. I let them “teach ” me how to sew a straight line and make a casing for a bag they were working on.

Yes, we are all the same. Creativity has no limits or boundries.

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Megan’s Mutt Munchies 16 years later

When you 9 1/2 year old tells you she wants to start her own business and talks a local businessman into giving her a space in his business, you explain all of the hard work, dedication and responsibilities it will involve, then you roll up your selves and help her. Megan's Mutt Munchies 2015 948

The idea came from an article in American Girl Magazine about making things to  raise money. MMM American Girl 2Then you start bainstorming about names….. (I am so thankful she went with Megan’s Mutt Munchies)MMM name options

You make a brochureOriginal MMM flier 2000After a “few” short years she is ready to go to college, and you realize you will be making dog treats, because she does have a following and loyal customers (not to mention your own dogs). She earns a degree in Advertising and Marketing (as well as Asian Studies) and comes back to rebrand, market and keep the business going stronger than ever. Oh, then you hear about a dog treat bakery that has gone out of business, so you buy thier equiptment and send out a press release. The Winston-Salem Journal visits, and next thing you know yuo are on the cover of the business section.2016-01-10 09.44.20_resized

You put all of those memories in a frame, then get back to creating and baking. MMM framed

Good times!!Megan's Mutt Munchies 2015 954To read the article:

or find it on our Facebook Page:





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A Quilt with a purpose

Cleaning out and rearranging can be a daunting task. While straightening up my dresser, I realized that I do have many, many pins from my years participation in the General Federation of Woman’s Club both in North Carolina and Nationally ( OR So what to do with all of the pins? Make a quilted wall hanging and display them!

I started with two shirts to decide on the main colors. One from 2000-2002 when I served as the GFWC-NC Director of Junior Clubs, the other from 2012-2014 when I served as the GFWC-NC President. Add more fabric, using the puzzle piece pattern since our theme was all about “Connections”

2014-07-20 20.07.43Then I did “some” machine stippling.

2014-07-24 13.54.48Added the pins and a rod for hanging, and here it is 25 plus years of Clubwork all in one place.

2014-07-24 15.01.59



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Happy 4th ! Quick, Inexpensive and Easy Wreath

20140701_135543_resizedUsing a wire wreath, pipe cleaners, paper mesh ribbon, and grosgrain ribbon, this wreath was made in less than an hour.

2014-07-01 13.05.59Her are the items used to make the wreath.

2014-07-01 13.12.36The first step was to twist pipe cleaners onto the wire wreath.

2014-07-01 13.12.41Then gathering the paper mesh, make little “poofs”  (FYI – Poof is an official craft word!) and secure with the pipe cleaners. I used silver pipe cleaners to give it a little sparkle.

2014-07-01 13.33.28After using all the paper mesh ribbon, I then added the Blue star burlap ribbon, again using the same pipe cleaners to attach it to the wreath.

2014-07-01 13.35.58Then using the same pipe cleaners, attach the red and white stripe ribbon.

2014-07-01 13.45.30To finish off the pipe cleaner ends, I twisted them around a pencil to give them a spring effect.

2014-07-01 13.39.08

2014-07-01 13.39.35The final touch was adding a bow made out of the scrap pieces of burlap and red and white stripe ribbons.

20140701_135543_resizedI had purchased little flags to place in the wreath as well, but found I really didn’t need them. So now I have them for next years creation!







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Rag Quilt

Finished Rag Quilt
Finished Rag Quilt2014-06-07 15.41.24Starting with 44- 10″ squares of 3 different fabrics.
Embroidered Squares
Embroidered Squares – The white squares were embroidered with a butterfly, using 3 different butterfly patterns2014-06-08 20.48.35The colored squares were stitched with a simple “X” with light weight quilt batting between the layers of flannel2014-06-10 21.01.34After the squares were pieced together leaving the raw edges, the edges were clipped to allow them to fray. The quilt was then washed and dried to get the edges nice and fluffy. 2014-06-12 11.11.44The finished Quilt/bedspread is 11 squares x 12 squares






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Another Butterfly Wreath

“If nothing changed, there would be no butterflies!”                                                                    As Spring is finally showing her face in North Carolina, I thought it might be time for another butterfly wreath! This time I used Deco Mesh and Sparkly Tulle, added some Butterfly pins and Butterfly brads, and here it is!

2014-04-06 14.33.53 2014-04-06 14.43.05

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Summer Guests (the 4 legged kind)

What do you do when you have Summer Guest? Usually you take them sightseeing, or if they are children, maybe you make some summer crafts with them (at least that’s what I do). But what if they are four legged guests (with tons of energy), and nothing seems to work?
Welcome to my week with Vega!
Vega is a very sweet but high energy pup that belongs to one of my daughters. He has destroyed every toy that was left here with him (and has lost the others somewhere in my house). So after searching the internet (like a good host) and the local toy stores, I decided to make a craft with Vega!
Using polar fleece and those old Girl Scout skills from years past, we (Okay, “I” ) made a fleece lanyard toy. Fingers crossed that it lasts through the day.

The store bought toy, which did last two days.
2013-07-14 15.10.09
2013-07-16 15.51.20

Polar Fleece Strips, cut 2″ wide in two colors

2013-07-17 11.26.53

Let the weaving begin
2013-07-17 11.36.01

I stopped at 10″ and tied a knot
2013-07-17 11.44.21

Happy Vega with his new toy (Yes I am making one for Jackson too!)
2013-07-17 11.46.36