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Welcome – Flower Pot Style

Welcome – Flower Pot Style!

20160401_173514_resizedWaiting for Spring (my favorite season) is so hard! The birds are chirping, Dogwoods starting to bloom, and stores are starting to get in their bedding plants. 20160331_124502_resizedAfter seeing something like this on Pinterest, I decided to try my own. Having a “few” clay pots around, I found three pots in graduated sizes. Made numbers out of paper to trace on the largest pot. 20160331_125054_resized

Wanting to keep as much of the clay pot showing as possible. I outlined the design with Slick Paint.


Then filled in the background with black acrylic paint. 20160331_190446_resized

I placed the largest pot, on a pot (to been seen behind the bushes on the porch). Then started planting with assorted bedding plants.


Then added the second pot, more plants….20160331_191132_resized

And finally the top pot and a beautiful and unusual geranium.

I then added smaller pots to cover the “base”, and there you have it!20160401_173514_resizedIt took about an hour to paint the pot, and another hour to assemble. Total cost was around $30.00-40.00 including pots and potting soil.

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