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A few crates, some carpet, rope & nails = Crazy Cat Crate

Using a few crates, carpet samples, rope and some nails, these items were all re-purposed into a crazy Cat Crate in a few hours. 20170204_175213_1486257646387_resized


We were going to recycle the blue tube as the scratching pole, but it wasn’t tall enough. We substituted the tube with tomato stakes. 20170204_115146_1486258151618_resizedFirst we stained the crates with a pet friendly stain, and covered the flat board with a carpet sample (using a staple gun).



20170204_164254_1486258074722_resizedThen it was time to assemble. Nailing one crate to the carpeted piece, and the top crate in place.

20170204_172234_1486258030367_resizedWe cut tomato stakes to fit as the scratching posts and covered them with rope, using a hot glue gun to hold the rope in place.


20170204_170707_1486258034010_resizedThe scratching posts were nailed in place, and another carpet scrap was placed in the bottom….hopefully the cats will like it!






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