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Do You Want To Build a Snowman?

20170106_153445_resizedSorry, but I just had to do it, as it is actually snowing in North Carolina as this post is being written. So with that in mind, I thought the door needed a snowman wreath. I started with 2 metal wreat forms, a 6″ and a 12″, and two spools of tulle. 20170105_183444_1483734987844_resized

I wrapped the wreaths with baby blue ribbon, but white would have worked just as well. Then cut 60-18″ pieces of tulle for the large wreath, and about 40- 16″ pieces of tulle for the smaller wreath.


Using a half lark knot, I then started attaching the tulle to the two wreaths.


After finishing the larger wreath, then I started on the smaller wreath.


After both wreaths were finished, then I used a piece of white coverd wire to atttach the two wreaths together.


And with that I had a Snowman! I first tried adding a ribbon bow tie and a “hair” bow, but wasn’t that thrilled with the outcome. So then I found one of my daughters hat and scarf sets from MANY years ago, and pinned them on instead.20170105_202156_1483735035198_resized

A little wire to attach it to the door, and there it is, a Snowman!


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