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Happy 4th ! Quick, Inexpensive and Easy Wreath

20140701_135543_resizedUsing a wire wreath, pipe cleaners, paper mesh ribbon, and grosgrain ribbon, this wreath was made in less than an hour.

2014-07-01 13.05.59Her are the items used to make the wreath.

2014-07-01 13.12.36The first step was to twist pipe cleaners onto the wire wreath.

2014-07-01 13.12.41Then gathering the paper mesh, make little “poofs”  (FYI – Poof is an official craft word!) and secure with the pipe cleaners. I used silver pipe cleaners to give it a little sparkle.

2014-07-01 13.33.28After using all the paper mesh ribbon, I then added the Blue star burlap ribbon, again using the same pipe cleaners to attach it to the wreath.

2014-07-01 13.35.58Then using the same pipe cleaners, attach the red and white stripe ribbon.

2014-07-01 13.45.30To finish off the pipe cleaner ends, I twisted them around a pencil to give them a spring effect.

2014-07-01 13.39.08

2014-07-01 13.39.35The final touch was adding a bow made out of the scrap pieces of burlap and red and white stripe ribbons.

20140701_135543_resizedI had purchased little flags to place in the wreath as well, but found I really didn’t need them. So now I have them for next years creation!







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