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Rag Quilt

Finished Rag Quilt
Finished Rag Quilt2014-06-07 15.41.24Starting with 44- 10″ squares of 3 different fabrics.
Embroidered Squares
Embroidered Squares – The white squares were embroidered with a butterfly, using 3 different butterfly patterns2014-06-08 20.48.35The colored squares were stitched with a simple “X” with light weight quilt batting between the layers of flannel2014-06-10 21.01.34After the squares were pieced together leaving the raw edges, the edges were clipped to allow them to fray. The quilt was then washed and dried to get the edges nice and fluffy. 2014-06-12 11.11.44The finished Quilt/bedspread is 11 squares x 12 squares






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