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Tomato Cage Christmas Trees!

Perfect for outside.


These were so easy to put together, and “if” you have any tomato cages, and extra clay pots hanging around, they were pretty inexpensive to make.

20141205_185937_resizedBegin by placing a tomato cage upside down in your clay pot. (You may want to secure it with duct tape or by actually putting soil or rocks in the pot).

20141205_191935_resizedAdd greenery. I used about 12 feet of wired greenery that was on sale!!

20141205_193034_resizedAdd a string of lights….20141205_195923_resizedAnd decorate! This was a quick and easy project. It took less than an hour (not including vacuuming up all the glitter!!)

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T-Shirt Pillow

Save that favorite T-Shirt by making it into a pillow!

Take one t-shirt, and one pillow form2012-03-18 16.08.55

Cut some strips 2″ wide, and gather. Hot Glue onto felt circles to make flowers

2012-03-18 15.26.47

Make the main body into a pillow

 2012-03-18 16.06.21

Hot Glue Flowers in place, One finished flower decorated pillow!

2012-03-18 16.21.45

And the back. Yay,Girls in the Run!

2012-03-18 16.47.32


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Stepping stones!

What is more fun than a bag of cement? Cement and a group of elementary students.

2014-03-19 17.10.05You start with plastic plant trays. Spray them with a thin coat of cooking oil. Add some quickcrete,

2014-03-19 17.10.192014-03-19 17.10.24Wearing plastic gloves, press the qickcrete into the plastic trays, trying to make as compact as possible. 2014-03-21 14.07.41Add glass marbles, stones, sea shells, and anything else you can think of…..2014-03-19 17.54.402014-03-21 14.07.502014-03-21 14.21.132014-03-21 14.21.262014-03-21 14.07.50Let dry for a few days, and pop put of the plastic tray, and your stepping stones are ready for the garden!2014-03-21 13.31.00Thank you to Mrs. Johnson for allowing me to “play” in cement!


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Butterflies are Free!

It’s always fun to take something old and make it new again! I took an old grapevine wreath and a favorite magazine and made a new updated wreath in a matter of minutes.2014-01-27 16.17.19

One Wreath2014-01-27 16.19.54My Favorite Magazine 2014-01-27 17.16.46I downloaded Butterfly Patterns from images on the internet, and cut out butterflies from the pages of the magazine, using favorite pictures and articles.2014-01-27 17.54.29Using a hot glue gun, glued the butterflies to the wreath, added a raffia bow, and new wreath!

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Up Cycled Bath Mats

Needing a new Bath Mat and not finding anything in the colors I needed, or the price range, prompted me to make my own!

2014-01-16 19.47.58

Supplies: Two inexpensive or use contrasting Hand Towels, Two contrasting wash cloths

2014-01-16 16.10.11


After ironing some iron on interfacing to the back of the wash cloths, I cut out the simple shapes and pinned to the contrasting towels.

2014-01-16 16.14.212014-01-16 16.15.29

I then appliqued the edges, sewed the towels back to back, and within an hour had a new bath mat for under $5.00

2014-01-16 19.47.41

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Summer Guests (the 4 legged kind)

What do you do when you have Summer Guest? Usually you take them sightseeing, or if they are children, maybe you make some summer crafts with them (at least that’s what I do). But what if they are four legged guests (with tons of energy), and nothing seems to work?
Welcome to my week with Vega!
Vega is a very sweet but high energy pup that belongs to one of my daughters. He has destroyed every toy that was left here with him (and has lost the others somewhere in my house). So after searching the internet (like a good host) and the local toy stores, I decided to make a craft with Vega!
Using polar fleece and those old Girl Scout skills from years past, we (Okay, “I” ) made a fleece lanyard toy. Fingers crossed that it lasts through the day.

The store bought toy, which did last two days.
2013-07-14 15.10.09
2013-07-16 15.51.20

Polar Fleece Strips, cut 2″ wide in two colors

2013-07-17 11.26.53

Let the weaving begin
2013-07-17 11.36.01

I stopped at 10″ and tied a knot
2013-07-17 11.44.21

Happy Vega with his new toy (Yes I am making one for Jackson too!)
2013-07-17 11.46.36

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Memory Eternal

Memory Eternal“Memory Eternal” is a hymn that is chanted in the Orthodox church when a loved one has passed. One of the ways I have chosen to remember my mother in law who left us last week was to take the flower petals from her memorial, and save them in glass ball ornaments. She loved flowers of all kinds, I hope she would approve.